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Twice A Week Miracle Shampoo Black 15In1: Put To The Test

Black 15 in 1

At some point, we've all purchased something whose results were, er, questionable, and didn't live up to our expectations or deliver the results we were so boldly promised. But no more! For the sake of you and your hard-earned money, The Huffington Post Canada Style team is putting the latest products to the test every week.

Testing: Black 15In1 Twice A Week Miracle Treatment Shampoo And Conditioner

Testing Period: One month

Tested By: Meredith Gillies, Associate Editor, Style

Price: $24 For shampoo, $26 For conditioner

What It Is: A shampoo and conditioner that's supposedly able to reduce hair washing to twice a week. It's sulfate and paraben free and can repair and strengthen hair.

How To: Wash your hair like you normally do! No extra thinking required.

What We Thought: At first I was afraid of only washing my hair twice a week. I'm a wash every day kind of gal. And because Toronto has been 30+ degrees for the past month, I haven't stopped sweating -- this really affects what my hair looks like. Still, I tried this product -- and I liked it. While I wasn't able to cut my shampoo routine to twice a week if I was going out at night (I don't like going out with greasy-ish hair), this product was great for the work week. I could wake up after days of no shampooing and my hair would still look clean -- there were no signs I didn't wash my hair.

Other things to know about the product:

After the first wash, my hair felt softer. I am cruel to my locks -- I blow-dry, straighten and lighten my hair with John Frieda's Go Blonder Shampoo/Conditioner. So needless to say, I don't have the healthiest locks. It was nice to get out of the shower and have soft strands for once.

When this product didn't work -- i.e. my hair looked greasy -- I blame the humidity factor in Toronto. I also used it in Calgary, where it's extremely dry and was able to skip shampooing for three days. (And, it should be said, those days were activity filled Stampede days.)

The Downfalls: The only downfall was I couldn't cut back to washing my hair twice a week if I knew I was going out. Other than that, my hair was softer than it has been.

Tips: The winter might be the best time to use this shampoo/conditioner -- when you're not constantly sweating or throwing your hair up into a ponytail.

Final Remarks: Although I may be washing my hair more than twice a week, Black 15in1 makes my hair feel softer and healthier than most other hair products -- so I give it my stamp of approval.

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