Moms Of Olympians: Parents Of Canadian Team Melt Our Hearts (WATCH)

What does it take to make an Olympian? Sure, there's the impossible workouts and the impossible-to-achieve diets. But before all that starts, there's the support of the family that lead these Olympians to where they are today.

As part of their massive Global Mom Movement campaign, which started in April, P&G has put together a series of videos featuring the mothers of Olympic athletes on a YouTube channel -- and it's pretty much guaranteed to make you cry.

Between Priscilla Lopes-Schliep's mom talking about giving up her job to take care of her granddaughter to help out Priscilla to vintage footage of Alexandre Despatie thanking his mom after his Commonwealth win at the age of 13, it's a great testament to everything that's behind those athletes eventually (and hopefully) climbing the podium.

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