07/18/2012 02:23 EDT | Updated 09/17/2012 05:12 EDT

Dog Attacked By Beavers In North Saskatchewan River

An Edmonton woman is warning other pet owners after her dog was attacked by beavers in the North Saskatchewan River on Saturday.

Bonnie Steiner's dog, Max, sustained three gashes to his armpit and stomach while retrieving a stick in an off-leash park near Whitemud Creek.

"Max saw something in the creek and took off on us into the creek and it turned out it was a beaver," Steiner said on Tuesday. "And he wouldn't let it alone. I think the beaver would have actually left him alone, except that Max was determined to get this beaver."

Steiner said the beavers started slapping their tails and diving under her pet.

"Eventually they did get him," she said. "And then he let out a great big scream."

Max was bleeding when he walked out of the water. Steiner and her husband rushed the dog to the Crestwood Veterinarian Clinic where he was treated for his wounds. He is expected to make a full recovery.

The beaver dam is located close to where Max was attacked. Kim Edison fishes in the area several times a week and says he sees dogs chase after beavers all the time.

"Dog comes down, sees the beaver. He gets excited," Edison said. "He wants to catch it, probably thinking it's a cat. Not a cat."

Steiner thinks that warning signs should be posted in the area to let other pet owners know how dangerous beavers can be when they're provoked.

"We know there's beavers there," she said. "But we never once thought that they would attack."

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