07/18/2012 11:28 EDT | Updated 09/06/2012 05:35 EDT

Dad Yells At Son For Wearing Too-Tight Skinny Jeans (VIDEO)

Chingy once said, "How the hell did you get all of that in dem jeans?"

Now, he was probably talking about bootie shorts, but the statement can also pertain to this video of a father questioning his son on his skinny jeans.

The video begs the question, how tight is too tight?

When you're unable to pull up your pants while squatting -- or they're unable to cover your butt properly -- you may have a problem on your hands. We're used to seeing women in pants this tight -- like Kim K and Katie Holmes -- but never have we seen a guy in jeans this fitted.

The father is simply not impressed with the fit of dem jeans.

And frankly, can you blame him?

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