07/23/2012 01:23 EDT | Updated 09/06/2012 05:36 EDT

Fresh Train Co.: Young Canadian Designer Launches New Collection

Fresh Train Co.

All aboard! Next stop: Fresh Train Co.

Started by 21-year-old Toronto native Guillaume Viau, Fresh Train Co. has relaunched with a new line of perfect summertime staples.

If you're a girl, the tees are what you want to see your boyfriend (or imaginary boyfriend) wearing -- we guarantee you'll plot to "borrow" each item at some point. And, for guys, the looks are effortlessly stylish (or swaggy as our main man Bieber would say).

That's largely because Fresh Train Co.'s graphic prints aren't in your face -- as many other graphics on tees are. And the strapbacks are so on trend, with floral and cheetah brims, it kind of hurts. They're like nothing we've seen before -- one even features chalkboard letters and comes with chalk. If you happen to be a girl who can rock a strapback, kudos to you.

It must be said, Guillaume is not alone in his quest to create versatile, rare and street-chic fashion (the three words he uses to describe the company). He collaborates and works alongside his older brother, a graphic designer and videographer, Alex Viau.

What's more, the pair donates part of the proceeds from every sale to Free The Children.

Check out Fresh Train Co.'s 2012 lookbook:

Fresh Train Co. Lookbook