Jamie Oliver Restaurant Montreal: Celebrity Chef To Help Open New Spot In 2012

One of the most celebrated chefs of Montreal, Derek Dammann, is opening a new restaurant along with British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver in the Plateau Mont-Royal in mid-September, according to The Gazette.

The new location will be called "Maison Publique," translated directly from the British term "public house" (known as the "pub"). The fare will be gastropub-oriented, but, Dammann says, "there won't be fish and chips."

Dammann and Oliver met 12 years ago in London, before Dammann went back to Canada after working at Fifteen London and Sweet As Candy. The two have remained friends since.

This partnership marks the first investment by Jamie Oliver in a North American venture. But the menu, the decor and the concept will be the work of Derek Dammann, The Gazette reports. "It's not going to be branded a 'Jamie Oliver' restaurant," says Dammann.

This replica of an old English pub will be 12 seats at the bar, a large beer fridge, a private room at the rear and a terrace in the summer of 2013.

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