07/20/2012 10:14 EDT | Updated 09/19/2012 05:12 EDT

Olympic brand restrictions, designed to protect sponsors, leave many befuddled

LONDON - Not just a sporting event, the Olympics present a fashion dilemma. That Pepsi T-shirt and Nike sneakers may seem perfect for a trip to Olympic Park — but will they fall foul of the brand police?

Olympic organizers are struggling to clarify the restrictions on branding, after the head of the London games suggested that a shirt bearing the logo of Pepsi would probably be banned from Olympic venues.

Olympic chief Sebastian Coe told BBC radio on Friday that "you probably wouldn't be walking in with a Pepsi T-shirt because Coca-Cola are our sponsors and they have put millions of pounds into this project."

The London organizing committee insists that's not true. It says "any individual coming into our venues can wear any item of clothing, branded or otherwise."