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Hells Angels Unwelcome, Surrey Police Say

B.C.'s anti-gang task force and the RCMP say they will do everything in their power to prevent the opening of a new Hells Angels chapter in Surrey, B.C.

Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit Sgt. Bill Whalen says there's been a split in the club's White Rock chapter.

“A number of members of the White Rock chapter of the Hells Angels have split off and started a new chapter for themselves,” Whalen told CBC News.

Whalen said police aren't clear on the reasons behind the split, which occurred a few weeks ago.

He said the splinter chapter showed up at a Hells Angels gathering in Saskatoon, flying its new colours.

“They've actually seen these new chapter members with a new patch on their colours, so it's indicating they're public about this. It says, ‘West Point.’”

Surrey RCMP Supt. Bill Fordy echoed Whalen’s concern in a statement issued Friday.

“Outlaw motorcycle gangs are not welcome here or anywhere else. If the Hells Angels expect to set up a clubhouse in Surrey I am serving them notice right here and now that they are not welcome,” Fordy said.

Whalen said that if the new group does try to move to Surrey, police will be on them.

“[We’ll be] cracking down on these guys and keeping very close tabs on them, obviously all within the law.”

Whalen said it's not yet clear whether the biker gang actually intends to move to Surrey.

City officials say they have not received an application from the Hells Angels for a clubhouse.

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