07/21/2012 03:47 EDT | Updated 09/20/2012 05:12 EDT

Moncton baseball team helps food bank

A Moncton baseball team is pitching in to help restock the province's largest food bank distribution centre.

More than 2,500 families depend on the Food Depot Alimentaire for food each month, and stocks are dwindling, employees say.

So the Moncton Mets, a senior men's baseball team, want to play a role in restocking the shelves.

"Food, money, we'll take it. There's still room in the van, so bring it on," says Simon Boucher, a pitcher for the team.

The food bank asked for help, and the Mets are doing a three-day food drive.

Other Moncton businesses have also answered the call for help.

"We've gone around with a lot of our corporate partners who have just been tremendous in getting food donated through their employees," said Ralph Chambers, director of baseball operations for the Moncton Mets.

Judy Cairns says her company, Co-op Atlantic, sent out reminders and put up posters to help with donations.

"We probably would have more support in the fall or in the winter when people are here, but we did have some good support. And yeah, it is tough in the summer," Cairns said.

The Food Depot Alimentaire says donations go down when people are in vacation mode.

"When these [pallets] are empty, that worries me," said Ray Gould, director of the food bank.

The depot supplies more than 20 food banks, soup kitchens and mobile units throughout south-eastern New Brunswick.

"In seven years that this building is going to be open, I've never seen it still so low," Gould said.

The depot has 100 empty palettes, leaving many shelves in the warehouse bare.

There's a need for canned goods and cereals, Gould says, and the depot should always have a two-month supply of those things in stock.

"Right now, we do have approximately two weeks supply for our food banks," he said.

"I hope that by doing that this that we can show the Moncton population that there's a need and that they help with just little donations," Boucher said.

This is the first time the Mets have led a food drive, and the team will collect more donations during games this weekend.