07/23/2012 12:51 EDT | Updated 09/22/2012 05:12 EDT

Tornado Rips Through Northern Saskatchewan

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People in Smeaton, Sask., are still picking up the pieces after a tornado ripped through the area Saturday night, sweeping through four farmyards and destroying a man's house.

The RCMP said a farmer survived the tornado with minor injuries.

"[The farmer] was actually inside his house when his house was just thrown back about 20 feet or so," said Cpl. Lance Bouvier with Smeaton RCMP.

Cpl. Bouvier said the tornado tore the house from its foundation.

The twister hit three other farmyards, tossing around farm equipment and uprooting trees.

Dave Willness said he watched the tornado heading towards the farmyards and called his mother who lived nearby.

He says she rushed to the basement with his nieces.

"A tree flew right through there when they went to the basement and it smashed glass," said Willness. "There was glass stuck into the kitchen walls all over the kitchen."

No other injuries have been reported.

Smeaton is located about 80 kilometres northeast of Prince Albert.

A second tornado was reported Saturday night near Emma Lake, located about 60 kilometres north of Prince Albert.

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