How To Make Sushi Rice (VIDEO)

When one learns to cook, one of the first lessons inevitably learned is the very important skill of cooking rice properly. Seemingly simple -- boil water, add rice, simmer, cover, turn heat down -- this starch can cause surprising problems, whether it's burning the bottom of the pan or sticking together in a glutinous mass.

But eventually, we all get the hang of it in our own particular ways, adding butter and salt in the proper increments and knowing the appropriate time to lift up the lid.

It's not quite as easy, however, when it comes to sushi rice. In addition to new ingredients required, like sugar, vinegar and konbu (seaweed, which is shown in the video above, but not required), there's also the next steps after the rice is done -- putting together the sushi, of course.

While this video showcases sushi rice made with an ordinary pot, a rice cooker is always a great investment -- after all, you can also use it to make pasta or soup.

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