07/24/2012 04:25 EDT | Updated 09/06/2012 04:58 EDT

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress: Duchess Gets £300,000 Bonus From Buckingham Palace For Gown Loan

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Kate Middleton will reportedly receive a £300,000 bonus from Buckingham Palace for the hard work she's done over the past year to help boost the business and profile of the Royals, says the Examiner.

According to, "Over £10 million was spent on tickets for the Palace, which was up a staggering £3.5 million from the previous year." This since the Royal couple married in April 2011. Sales at Buckingham Palace's gift shop have also risen roughly 75 per cent.

Marie Claire claims the spike in ticket sales is due in large part to the Duchess of Cambridge allowing her wedding dress to be displayed at the palace as part of their recent Royal Collection exhibit. (People really want to see her Sarah Burton/Alexander McQueen frock, we guess!)

It seems, however, Middleton won't be spending the bonus on sartorial statements for the London Olympics. The Telegraph believes Middleton will donate the full sum to the charitable foundation she runs with Prince William and Prince Harry.

Wondering if this type of "thank you" is fair? AOL Money in the U.K. says the bonus won't come from taxpayer dollars (her salary does). Take a look at their dollars and cents breakdown. And be sure to let us know what you think of the whole thing.

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