07/24/2012 12:29 EDT

Olympic Souvenirs 2012: What Are Your Favourite (And Tacky) Keepsakes? (PHOTOS)

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Every Olympics, we're deluged with toys, mascots, clothing lines, stamps and other souvenirs to mark the world sporting event.

Some, like the now-famous Vancouver 2010 Canadian mittens, get so popular that they are a must-have item. Other items, after years go by, get a little dated.

Time to dig around your basements, attics or trinkets drawers to share your favourite Olympic memento. Have a favourite shirt, stamp or pin you're so proud of? Or do you have that stuffed mascot that you're wondering why you keep it. Tis the time to share your best and worst with us below by adding a slide. We'll be adding them as you send them

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