07/26/2012 08:31 EDT | Updated 09/06/2012 05:37 EDT

London 2012 Fashion: What Will Countries Be Wearing At The Olympics?

We've taken a moment to look back at our entrances at past Olympic opening ceremonies and, well, there were some dark times (what happened in Barcelona?!). But as we move into 2012's games in London, we thought it was time to move on (we know our uniforms are going to rock this year thanks to The Hudson's Bay Company).

And even though the opening ceremonies are the real moment for a country to let the world see what they're sartorially all about, we've been kind of curious to see the various uniforms being worn by other countries during actual events.

Who will have the most sparkly gymnastic bodysuits? Who will opt to wear beach volleyball booty shorts in England's cool temps? So many questions!

Until the games unfold, and we're given the answers to these burning questions, these getups will have to hold us over.

Here are what 13 countries plan to wear throughout the Olympics.

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And here are some of the Canadian athletes we'll be keeping our eyes on throughout the games.

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