07/24/2012 06:47 EDT | Updated 09/23/2012 05:12 EDT

Pitbull To Be Euthanized 'Without Due Process,' Says Owner

Christos Papakostas bid a tearful goodbye to his pitbull Wicca at the Montreal courthouse Monday afternoon. The dog was then taken away to be euthanized.

In June, the city of Montreal said Wicca bit a woman and then an ambulance technician who arrived on the scene to treat her.

Papakostas said his dog simply jumped at the two because she was excited.

"She got spooked. Yes. She bit? We don't know. The lady never went to the hospital. She never got stitches. She only got Polysporin on her," said Papakostas.

His lawyer, Elaine Rosenberg, won a stay of execution for Wicca while trying to appeal the order.

But, Quebec's top court ruled in favour of an execution.

Rosenberg said sentencing animals without proof is too easy, which should concern all dog owners.

"All I saw was a photo of the victim, the first victim, and yes, she had been scratched, but to say that she was bitten was a stretch," said Rosenberg. "There was no written testimony from her surrounding any of the facts of the case."

The city said it's satisfied with the final judgment.