07/25/2012 11:24 EDT | Updated 07/25/2012 11:26 EDT

Fake StatsCan Twitter: New Social Account Making Waves, Creating Laughs


A new Twitter account, @Stats_Canada, has been created by someone that pokes fun at Canada's National Statistical Agency, Statistics Canada -- @StatCan_eng on Twitter -- and the whole notion of statistics in general and their relevance to the majority of Canadians.

The bio on @Stats_Canada reads, "Stats Canada provides demographic statistics for the Canadian people, about the Canadian people. 1.875643% of Canadians need to feel something."

Some of the hilarious "statistical" tweets from @Stats_Canada since it launched last week include:

"78% of Nova Scotian females were born with lobster claws"

"56% of Manitobans are convinced they've travelled to the future when visiting other provinces"

"Saskatoon, SK produces 35% of the world's mini-carrots"

SEE: More tweets from @Stats_Canada. You get the idea. Now watch this account go viral:

Fake StatsCan Twitter Account

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