07/25/2012 08:55 EDT | Updated 09/24/2012 05:12 EDT

Olympic Games produce videos to help fans understand the sports and get in the mood

LONDON - Olympic organizers want to make absolutely sure fans enjoy the London Games.

Their plan: a slew of short videos to be shown at the beginning of each event to get spectators in the mood and explain the basics of the sport.

"What we want to do is use the way we present the sport to connect with the people themselves," Debbie Jevans, director of sport for the games, said Wednesday.

The 32 mood videos — one for each Olympic sport and discipline — show clips from past sporting events, including frame grabs of emotional spectators, to the tune of rousing music.

Separately, organizers have put together about 200 videos that will explain the basics of the sport in question, including rules and key moves.

Not enough? Spectators struggling to understand the rules of an obscure sport, or fans confounded by too much going on at once at track and field can resort to small ear devices that will walk them through what's happening out there — for 10 pounds ($15).

Only 12 of the 26 Olympic sports were allotted the ear devices: they include artistic gymnastics, athletics, rowing, judo, fencing and wrestling.