07/26/2012 09:32 EDT | Updated 09/25/2012 05:12 EDT

After security uproar, G4S says extra workers can replace some military personnel

LONDON - There may soon be a 'changing of the guard' at the Olympic Park. The private security contractor responsible for the bulk of Olympic security says it's getting hundreds more workers each day.

The security firm G4S has been skewered for failing to provide enough security personnel for the games — a shortfall that forced Britain's military to deploy 1,200 more troops this week and 3,500 others last week.

G4S spokesman Adam Mynott said Thursday many workers had either finally passed the accreditation process or completed training. The hope, he said, is to numerically replace the extra military personnel.

Some British lawmakers have called for G4S to foot the bill for bringing in the extra troops.