07/27/2012 01:21 EDT | Updated 09/26/2012 05:12 EDT

Follow Friday: Raonic leads Canadian Olympians on Twitter as London Games begin

Canada's Olympians have arrived in London and are eagerly exploring the athletes' village and event venues before Friday's Opening Ceremonies.

It's only natural that Canadians would want to follow the exploits of their favourite athletes as closely as they can. Fortunately, Twitter allows Olympians a chance to update their fans on how they're doing before, after and sometimes even during their events.

Here are some Twitter feeds worth following in the next week as Canadian Olympians begin their quest to own the podium.

Milos Raonic (@milosraonic), from Thornhill, Ont., is already well known to sports fans for his success on the professional ATP Tour. He's considered the best Canadian singles tennis player ever, peaking at No. 21 on the worldwide rankings.

His first match at the Olympics is against Japan's Tatsuma Ito on Saturday.

"I'm pretty tall but here in the Olympic Village, with all the athletes that are taller than me, I feel pretty short/average!" tweeted the six-foot-five Raonic on July 25.

Beach volleyball partners Martin Reader (@martinjreader) and Josh Binstock (@joshbinner) are both on Twitter — and writing in their own blogs as well. Their first match is against Great Britain's Steven Grotowski and John Garcia-Thompson on Saturday.

In the meantime, the Canadian pair are tweeting about their experiences in the Olympic village.

"Therapy and recovery day today," said Binstock on Thursday. "McD's is def not part of the diet right now, even if it is free. some can't resist it"

Although she injured her knee during the national championships, gymnast Peng-Peng Lee (@PengPengCLee ) travelled to London with the Canadian team and has been actively tweeting all her experiences.

Her account can be relied on for all the behind-the-scenes action as Canada's gymnasts perform.

"In Trafalgar and the Olympic vibe is amazing! Can't wait for opening ceremonies tonight! Let the Games BEGIN!!!" she tweeted on Friday.

One of Canada's youngest athletes at these Games is swimmer Alec Page (@Alec_Page) from Victoria, who is competing in the 400-metre individual medley on Saturday and the 4x200-metre freestyle relay on July 31.

"Race day tomorrow! I am stoked! Once in a lifetime opportunity and I am going to enjoy it!" said the 18-year-old Page, adding the hashtags #OlympicDream, #GoCanadaGo, and #London2012.

Toronto's Crispin Duenas (@crispin_duenas) was one of the first athletes to compete in London as archery — along with men's and women's soccer — began before the Opening Ceremonies. He's taken to Twitter in the buildup to the Games and has posted frequently since arriving in the United Kingdom.

"Thanks to EVERYONE who is supporting me at my second Olympics! It would feel really lonely without you guys:) Ranking round in less than 1hr," he tweeted before his event began on Friday.

"Qualified in 8th spot! Pretty happy with a top 10 finish...for now. Perfect shooting conditions for a 338+340=678. My highest int'l score :D," said Duenas five hours later.