07/27/2012 12:14 EDT | Updated 07/29/2014 04:59 EDT

Olympic Families: Siblings, Couples Compete For Medals In 2012

The family that plays sports together heads to the Olympics together -- or so it seems from this year's batch of Olympians who come from the same gene pool, or at the very least, the same household.

Competing family members are nothing new at the Olympics -- the Williams sisters, both of whom won't be playing tennis this year, are the first ones who come to mind -- but it's no less exciting to see how shared DNA can truly work in a family's favour.

Swimming particularly seems to inspire a healthy hereditary competitive spirit, with 11 sibling duos hitting the pool this year.

And not surprisingly, many of the athletes competing have parents who once participated in the Olympics, or at the very least, at a high competitive level. This combination of growing up in an environment which values athletic ability, along with parents who are experts (like Andy and Jamie Murray's mom, a former professional tennis coach) could create the perfect breeding ground for Olympians.

SEE: Take a look at some of the family members, couples included, who will be taking part in this year's Olympic Games in London, and gawk at their gene pools:

Families Competing At The Olympics