07/27/2012 07:27 EDT | Updated 09/26/2012 05:12 EDT

Raul Roberto Kalbfleisch Deported, Only To Return To Canada

WINNIPEG -- A South American man who was caught in Canada after being deported has been sentenced to nine months in jail.

Raul Roberto Kalbfleisch pleaded guilty to one count of returning to Canada without authorization in provincial court in Winnipeg on Thursday.

The Canadian Border Services Agency says it charged Kalbfleisch in February after he'd been arrested by RCMP under a different identity.

The border agency says Kalbfleisch was deported in 1995 because of his criminal record, but returned to Canada illegally in 1999.

Agency spokesperson Lisa White says privacy rules prevent her from saying which country Kalbfleisch is from, but she did narrow it down to South America.

White says Kalbfleisch will be deported again when he sentence is completed.

Kalbfleisch had seven convictions in Canada when he was deported in 1995, including one for robbery which netted him a five-year prison sentence.

The border agency says that his phoney identity was revealed when police checked his fingerprints.