07/30/2012 02:28 EDT

Conor Baker and Danny Keogh Injury: Teens Thrown From Fairground Ride (VIDEO)


It's every parent's nightmare. And something that gives many pause before allowing their kids to get on a ride at a town fair.

Dramatic footage shows the moment two teenage boys were catapulted from a fairground ride full of children at the Billy Bates Fairground in Leicester, England as it gathered speed.

People can be heard screaming and telling the ride operators to "Stop, stop!!" after the Mega Bounce Frog ride carriage the boys were on broke.

The teenage boys -- Conor Baker and Danny Keogh, both 16 -- suffered serious injuries. The Sun reports one was in intensive and needed surgery after breaking an arm, ribs and suffering chest injuries, while the other was being treated for a broken nose and teeth.

If the accident had happened once the ride was going full steam and higher in the air, the injuries could have been far more serious, and possibly deadly.

The fairground has been closed while an investigation into the accident continues.

Watch amateur video of the accident and the reaction from people at the fair...

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