07/30/2012 10:59 EDT | Updated 09/06/2012 05:00 EDT

Lingerie Sales Spike: Are Celebs And Television Shows Behind The Trend?

Victoria's Secret

It appears we're obsessed with intimate apparel.

According to a recent retail survey on lingerie trends by Women's Wear Daily, more and more businesses claim their undergarment sales have skyrocketed this summer (by some three to 10 per cent).

The major reason? Economic conditions have improved across North America. Suzanne Alvarado -- owner of Sugar Cookies, a speciality boutique in Manhattan -- told the online fashion mag her customers are now more willing to spend part of their disposable income on stylish and frivolous undergarments. Meaning, they're not just investing in staple. (Though, it must be said, bras and panties still account for the majority of lingerie sales).

While we're sure this surge is due, in part, to a shift in economic conditions, we're also wondering if it's because lingerie plays a more prominent role in our day-to-day lives.

We've gotten used to seeing models -- think Luisana Lopilato and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley -- strut their stuff in unique undergarments for various companies.

And costumes in certain shows have become a bit more risque -- think the bustiers in 'Game of Thrones' and rompers in 'Boardwalk Empire.' (The latter influence, of course, makes sense: our fashion has always been swayed by what we see on televion; just look at the Banana Republic 'Mad Men' capsule collection and the Anna Sui-designed 'Gossip Girl' line for Target.)

Still, this summertime boost in skimpy clothing sales is interesting. Have you found yourself buying more undergarments than normal? Do you stick to the basics -- bras and underwear -- or do you opt to buy sexier articles of clothing? Let us know on Twitter.

Check out some of the most recent celebs who have bared all in an attempt to sell skivvies.

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