London 2012 Olympic Commercials: 16 Ads That Deserve Gold (VIDEO)

They're inspirational, patriotic and often, make us shed a tear.

With the London 2012 Olympics heading into its first week, companies were well-prepared with commercials celebrating sportsmanship, rivalry and home-grown family love.

Procter & Gamble, one of this year's Olympic sponsors, has already endorsed 150 athletes from around the world, according to The National Post. They have also launched a campaign focused on celebrating hard-working mothers. (You need a tissue for this one).

Most of us may remember Tim Horton's Sidney Crosby ad spot for the 2012 Vancouver Olympics -- making sure the rest of the world knew our love and passion for hockey.

This year, Olympic ads are a mix of celebrating the youngest athletes to the paper towels that clean up their messes.

While these Olympic ads probably won't be the biggest attention getters on air -- like Super Bowl ads, comparatively -- here are 16 of some of our favourite ads that deserve a medal or two: