07/31/2012 08:21 EDT

The Greatest Person: Everyday Canadians Doing Extraordinary Things

We have an innate desire to give. Research has shown we crave selflessness and the accompanying feeling of happiness. According to a recent study conducted by psychologists at the University of British Columbia, even toddlers (under the age of two) are happier when giving -- rather than receiving -- treats. As we grow, we retain this desire to act pro-socially.

But there's a difference between desire and action, and this is often the definitive gap that sets the people we truly admire apart from, well, the rest of us. Hopefully, we all have good-hearted people in our lives who nurture and sustain us. but the greatest people we know don't just care. They act. They change. They push. They rally. They inspire. And they don't wait for anyone to tell them what they can or can't do. They just do. And most of the time they don't ask for anything in return. No payment or personal recognition is necessary, just the knowledge that what they've done has made an impact.

We're about to change all that. Our Greatest Person feature will shine a weekly spotlight on these exemplary, everyday people, and highlight the ways they've helped to make Canada -- and sometimes the world -- a better place. To kick things off, we've started a list, but it's by no means exhaustive; we need your help to make sure the heroes you know don't go unsung.

Who would you nominate as the Greatest Person of the week? Check out some inspirational Canadians below, and then tell us who we should feature next. Send us an email at, or reach us on Twitter.

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Greatest Person: Everyday People Doing Extraordinary Things
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