07/31/2012 05:16 EDT | Updated 09/30/2012 05:12 EDT

Kenneth Gaba Jailed For Trying To Resell Tickets At The London Games: Report

LONDON - A London newspaper reports that a Vancouver man caught trying to sell two tickets for Olympic tennis ended up spending two nights in jail.

The Telegraph says Kenneth Gaba, 38, was arrested on Saturday for trying to sell two tickets to another man for 100 pounds.

Gaba says he was only trying to get the money back for the tickets he had bought legitimately and couldn't use.

The newspaper says Judge Ken Grant accepted that Gaba bought the tickets legitimately and only sold them at face value because he had been separated from a friend and didn't want to go to the match alone.

Grant waived the normal 300-pound fine because of the two nights Gaba had already spent in custody.

Gaba's lawyer said his client was in the United Kingdom for a 10-day holiday to watch the Olympics.