07/31/2012 11:04 EDT | Updated 09/30/2012 05:12 EDT

Option Nationale takes down electoral signs

Quebec provincial political party Option Nationale has taken down signs Tuesday morning that had been posted in the Bourget riding in the east end of Montreal.

Campaign director Sebastien Pageon said the party wanted to get an early start on the campaign even if the election has not been officially announced.

"Our goal was to get the most votes possible and make ourselves known," said Pageon.

The party then decided to remove the signs, claiming the members in the riding had gotten a little ahead of themselves.

Some people in the riding had complained about the signs being posted without an official election call. However, the office of Quebec's chief electoral officer said putting signs up ahead of time is allowed.

Denis Dion, spokesman for the Quebec chief electoral officer, told Radio-Canada that the signs will be accounted for in the party's electoral spending report and will be reimbursed, but only for the official election time period.