07/31/2012 01:14 EDT | Updated 09/30/2012 05:12 EDT

Toronto Taxi Drivers Banned From Airport Bathroom

Taxi drivers lined up to pick-up or drop-off fares at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport are being told they can no longer use the washroom facilities inside the mainland terminal.

The airport management says taxi drivers have been responsible for leaving the washrooms in a deplorable condition — and from now on they'll be forced to use two portable washrooms instead.

The controversy erupted after the Toronto Port Authority alleged in a memo that some cabbies were responsible for not keeping the washrooms clean.

The memo, quoted in a local newspaper, said there were instances of "Urinating and defecating on the floors, walls, hand driers, etc."

A spokesman for the taxi drivers has denied the accusation. But the following day the TPA issued another memo saying it was banning taxi drivers from the washrooms because a driver had "refused to comply."

The airport has installed two portable washrooms for the drivers, but some say they feel they're unfairly being singled out for punishment.

"I think it's a very drastic action for them to take," said taxi driver Owen Leach. "An overreaction to an alleged problem. After all we have to respond to mother nature."

The airport authorities say they'll meet with the drivers to search for a solution to the problem.