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Transform A Street: Charlottetown's Street Project Creates A New Space For Residents (VIDEO)

Strolling down the street can be a walk in the park -- as illustrated by this video.

Residents of Charlottetown, P.E.I. recently released a video on YouTube in July to show the world what can happen when you reclaim an urban space. The lesson? All you really need is some paint, people and plants to revamp -- and reinvigorate -- a neighbourhood.

From a bright red fridge that acts as a sustainable library to self-watering plant pots that line the sides of the street, the Transform A Street initiative took place in May 2012 on a street in the city's downtown area, and helped residents embrace eco-loving, bike-friendly living and also aimed to foster a new appreciation for engaged, built environments and intriguing landscapes.

People were really excited to join in on the one-day project, says one participant in the video. "People would just be walking by and like, "Oh, what's going on?" I would tell them, "We're transforming a street, do you want to take part?" All of a sudden, they were grabbing paint or chalk."

Groups such as Katimavik, Canada's leading youth volunteer service, even set-up shop to raise awareness and engage youth in the process.

The result was a beautiful, resident-created public space where community members could safely congregate and engage with each other in meaningful ways for several days while the street was transformed.

“We all want to see people outside, leading healthier, more active lives,” Charlottetown mayor Clifford Lee said in a press release. “As part of that common goal, we want people to feel encouraged, safe and welcomed." The Transform A Street project, he said, did just that.

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