08/02/2012 11:09 EDT | Updated 10/02/2012 05:12 EDT

Big fireworks crowd keeps Vancouver police busy

Vancouver police were busy on Wednesday night pouring out countless bottles of liquor and handing out dozens of tickets during the second night of the city's annual fireworks festival.

Police estimate at least 300,000 people packed the streets and beaches around English Bay to watch the team from Brazil light up the sky.

There were no major incidents but police still seized four weapons including two knives, one pepper spray and one replica handgun, and arrested two people for breach of peace and one for public intoxication.

The VPD's marine unit was equally busy, patrolling the more than 600 craft that bobbed in English Bay. Officers had to take one drunken 18-year-old aboard their police boat because she was in a deflating dinghy without a lifejacket.