08/02/2012 05:18 EDT | Updated 10/02/2012 05:12 EDT

Hearts and Prince Harry light up Canadian Olympic Twitter accounts

LONDON - Ever wonder what Olympic athletes do to kill time when they're not competing?

Enjoy a rousing game of cards, according to Tory Nyhaug's Twitter account.

Nyhaug, from Coquitlam, B.C., and other BMX riders were training in France before their seeding runs start on Wednesday. It appears they filled some of their downtime on Thursday with a few games of hearts.

"Another fun evening of hearts, good times! Epic miss reads cough @melindamcleod," the Canadian Olympian tweeted at fellow BMX racer Melinda McLeod.

"@Tnyhaug49 Well I think we have established Canada is good at winter Olympics and cards apparently!" the Australian replied.

The games, which included Dutch rider Merle van Benthem, could get heated.

"Watching @MerlevanBenthem and @Tnyhaug49 fight like a married couple is by far the highlight of my day here in France!" McLeod tweeted.

Meanwhile Prince Harry's visit to Canada House stirred up some buzz on Twitter, particularly for those who missed out on the chance to rub shoulders with royalty.

"SO JEALOUS!!!" tweeted women's soccer player Kaylyn Kyle, who earlier at the Games posted "How does one meet Prince Harry? #lovemesomeredhead".

"Heading to London next week, what is this I hear about Prince Harry visiting Canada house when I'm not even there!! #missedmychance" added Canadian hockey player Tessa Bonhomme.

Other Canadian additions to the Twitterverse on Thursday:

— "Thank u 4 al the support everyone!Loving all ur tweets!Today was soo amazing!Had so much fun out there!So greatful to have u all behind me!" — Gymnast Dominique Pegg who competed in the women's all-around gymnastics final.

— "Huge quarterfinal match tomorrow against the hosts Great Britain! Hope you'll all be watching and supporting! 230pm ET #London2012 #CWNT" — Canadian women's soccer player Jonelle Filigno, who play Great Britain on Friday.

— "Huge congrats to @andiemorin and the women's 8 on the silver today! Amazing! #GoCanada" — Canadian basketball player Lizanne Murphy on Canada's silver medal in women's eight rowing.

— "how awesome is the #TrackCycling, their thighs are almost as big as mine. I was pounding out 800watt sprints today on the trainer #signmeup" — Canadian triathlete Simon Whitfield.