08/02/2012 01:04 EDT | Updated 10/02/2012 05:12 EDT

Vikileaks creator back in Liberal fold after tweeting Toews' divorce details

OTTAWA - A Liberal staffer who resigned in disgrace after splashing the lurid details of a Conservative cabinet minister's messy divorce all over Twitter in response to the Harper government's Internet snooping bill has resurfaced with the party.

Former Parliament Hill aide Adam Carroll is now working at Liberal party headquarters. But a spokeswoman wouldn't divulge any details about his new gig, first reported Thursday by the Huffington Post Canada.

"Our policy for all staff is that we simply do not comment on personnel," Sarah Bain said in an email.

A steady stream of tweets disclosing Public Safety Minister Vic Toews' divorce file spurred political intrigue on Parliament Hill earlier this year, as speculation abounded over the identity of the person behind the mysterious Vikileaks30 handle.

Carroll quit his job in the Liberal research bureau once he was identified as the source of the account, and interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae apologized to Toews in the House of Commons.

The minister's office accused the Liberals of knowing all along that Carroll was behind Vikileaks.

"This dramatic reversal by the Liberal party suggests that Carroll acted with the full knowledge and consent of the senior ranks of the Liberal party," Toews spokesman Mike Mueller said in an email.

"It's clear now more than ever that Mr. Carroll did not act alone, as he claimed."

Mueller also called on those who are contemplating a run for the Liberal leadership to disclose what, if anything, they knew about Carroll's role in the Vikileaks episode.

"Justin Trudeau and all Liberal leadership candidates must come clean immediately," he said. "Who knew about the sleazy Internet smear? What deal was struck with Adam Carroll to take the fall? Will they continue engaging in sleazy tricks and only apologize when they get caught?"

Carroll told a parliamentary committee this spring that he set up the Twitter account in direct response to the Conservative government's online surveillance legislation. He also insisted that he acted alone.

Toews infuriated critics when he said that opposing the bill put them on the side of child pornographers.

Carroll called Toews' language polarizing and said he felt compelled to bring attention to the threat posed by the bill.

"I took an approach that, put simply, argued if the minister feels strongly that he should know everything about us, perhaps we should know more about the man who wants unrestricted access to our information," Carroll told the committee.

"To make the point further, everything I posted was from publicly available documents."

Note to readers: This is a corrected version. A previous story wrongly said Adam Carroll was fired when he in fact resigned