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Equal Pay: Are Women Finally Making More Money Than Men? (INFOGRAPHIC)


Sorry ladies, we're not there just yet.

According to an infographic by, women are still earning 81 cents for every dollar men earn in the United States. In Canada, we don't fall so far off the inequality wagon. Here, working mothers, for example, make on average 25 per cent less than men do, even though women do the bulk of housework and child rearing, according to CBC News.

The average man may still have 19 cents more in his pocket, but the rate women are being paid has changed significantly over the last decade. In 1980, women made 62 cents for every dollar and in 2000, women received 76.9 cents for every dollar a man earned.

Globally, North American countries can use a lesson or two from nations across the ocean. Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark were all ranked the top places for women to work, according to the 2011 Global Gender Gap Report. But Canada did get some recognition. At least 62 per cent of Canadian university graduates were female and women made up one-third of federally appointed judges.

The MBA infographic also has similar hope. More and more women graduating from university and colleges than men and in some cases women make more money as occupational therapists and aircraft mechanics. And leading ladies in business like Marissa Mayer's switch to Yahoo as CEO and CEO Meg Whitman of Hewlett-Packard have become role models for women in business across nations.

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