08/03/2012 01:34 EDT | Updated 09/06/2012 05:39 EDT

When It Comes To Hair Is Fifty Shades Of Grey Beautiful?

BY: Nadine Sharon Anglin,

No surprise we used Jamie Lee Curtis to illustrate this story—she's a shining example of a woman who has embraced her natural silvery tresses. She looks beautiful and wears her cropped grey hair with confidence.

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It seems that you can name many silver foxes of the male persuasion (Anderson Cooper being my all-time personal fave), but rarely do we recognize the female equivalent. The aforementioned Ms. Lee is one, foxy Helen Mirren is definitely on the list, Emmy Lou Harris pops to mind as well... can you name any others?

On the flip side, there are those who aren't so thrilled when a little snow lands on the roof (so to speak). According to a new poll 88% of Canadian women found grey hair before their 30th birthday with one-third of women polled finding it before turning 25. The reason given for this premature state: stress. In fact, they call these people GHOSTS--as in Grey-Haired Over-Stressed Twenty-Somethings. Crazy! If you're not into grey hair you can always colour it. One to try: John Frieda's Precision Foam Colour which is available in 24 shades.

So, what's the final verdict Kit fans? When it comes to hair is fifty shades of grey beautiful? Would you go all grey or are you colouring those pesky patches?

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