08/05/2012 07:33 EDT | Updated 10/05/2012 05:12 EDT


They're loud, they're proud and they certainly know how to move a crowd.

The England Supporters Band has been following Britain's athletes around the Olympic Park for the past few weeks banging drums and blasting their trumpets, lifting crowd spirits wherever they go.

The band was founded when leader John Hemmingham took a bugle into a soccer game in 1993 to support his favourite team, Sheffield Wednesday.

The band is made up of more than 20 musicians, but there are rarely more than four playing at any time.

At the London Olympics a drummer, a trumpeter, a trombone player and a euphonium player perform a selection of the more than 100 songs in their repertoire to maintain the crowd's support level.

"We never practice the songs," drummer Steve Holmes said.

But they do give some forethought to what they play. In the men's hockey game between Britain and Argentina, the band played "Rule Britannia," cheered on by the crowd.

"We've had many duels with Argentina," Holmes said. "We're a bit cheeky with them."

— William Haydon — Twitter


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