08/06/2012 01:04 EDT | Updated 10/06/2012 05:12 EDT

Olympic Athlete's Village Moose Victim Of Theft


LONDON - A Canadian symbol at the London Olympics has been a victim of theft, and was quick to voice its displeasure on Twitter.

The Canadian Moose, a large mascot outside Canada's building in the athletes' village, had its ears stolen over the weekend.

But the vandalism didn't go unnoticed.

"Help! My ears were stolen! It's hard out here for a moose," the Canadian Moose tweeted on Sunday, while adding the hashtag #StandingOnGuardForThee to go along with a picture of the crime scene.

The mascot then followed that up by stating it was flattered by the attention, but only up to a certain point: "I know everyone in the Village wants a piece of me but taking my ears is going too far. #CantHear #GiveYourEverything."

The Canadian Moose, which tweets under the handle @CDNOlympicMoose in both English and French, is chained up to avoid pranksters who might try to remove it.

"Like the @CDNOlympicTeam I guard in the village, I rise above adversity. Just talk to me a little louder. #StolenEars," the Moose tweeted on Monday.

Canadian athletes that have tweeted about the Moose and posted pictures during the Games include tennis star Milos Raonic, wrestler Leah Callahan and rhythmic gymnastics competitor Anjelika Reznik.

Meanwhile, Canadian gold medallist Rosannagh MacLennan was set to have a celebration on Monday and the Moose tweeted that it wanted in on the action.

"Hey @RosieMaclennan, enjoy your Gold medal celebration at Canada Olympic House tonight!" the Moose posted. "Can I try on your medal later?"

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