08/08/2012 03:28 EDT | Updated 10/08/2012 05:12 EDT

Missing ears a 'Moosetake': Canada's mascot at the Olympic village tweets

LONDON - Canada's mascot in the Olympic village rejoiced on Twitter after recovering its missing ears.

The shiny red moose standing guard by the door of the Canadian delegation's building at the athletes' village recovered the ears it had lost over the weekend.

The mutilated mascot complained on Twitter after the incident, but apparently it was all a misunderstanding.

"Even I make Moosetakes. Ears not stolen; just borrowed. Now I can hear the @CDNOlympicTeam sing O Canada again!" the bilingual Canadian Moose tweeted in its characteristic tongue-in-cheek style Wednesday.

The Canadian Moose and its Twitter handle have quickly turned into favourites amongst Canada's athletes in London.

Tennis player Milos Raonic and members of the rhythm gymnastics team are just some of the athletes who have posted their photos with the mascot to Twitter.

Katrina Cameron tweeted her photo with a teammate kissing the mascot, only to get some Moose love back.

"Love you too, girls," the Moose tweeted.

After recovering its ears, the Moose also resumed its usual celebration of Canada's achievements at the Games, tweeting at the early Wednesday medals winners, kayaker Adam van Koeverden and canoer Mark Oldershaw.

"Well done @vankayak & @markoldershaw! Watching you receive your medals gave me major Moosebumps! #GiveYourEverything," the Moose posted.