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Coming Soon: Liv Tyler's Givenchy Gloss Revelateur Lip Gloss


By: The Kit

Suffering from a case of sartorial monotony? Agonizing over your uninspired, ho- hum beauty ritual? If you find yourself craving a unique beauty product this fall to compliment your individual taste, look no further than Givenchy’s newest lip gloss miracle.

Designed by none other than the face du jour for Givenchy, actress Liv Tyler’s Gloss Revelateur de Liv quite literally allows you to take this trend and make it your own. While the application of the gloss is deceptively sheer, it immediately transforms into an individually-tailored shade of pink depending on not only your skin tone, but the pH of your pout. So fear not the possibility of matching lip tones with your friends and colleagues; the gloss will yield a distinct shade for everyone.

Whether you’re hitting the beach, bar or boardroom, apply the gloss alone or over your favourite lipstick to add a much-needed spark of colour and shine.

Available August 20th.

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