08/09/2012 11:12 EDT | Updated 08/09/2012 12:57 EDT

Fido Casting Call 2: Nationwide Pet Search Is Back In Canada


Dog owners, get your grooming tools ready: Fido is looking for a new face.

By popular demand, the phone company is bringing back the Fido Casting Call 2 contest, searching for Canada's newest model for an upcoming Fido advertisement.

The contest will run from August 13 until September 10th and for every pooch you vote for, Fido will donate $1 -- with a maximum amount of $200,000 -- to the non-profit organization Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, which provides dog guides to Canadians with disabilities.

Pet owners can submit images of their dogs online and family, friends and strangers can vote daily for their favourite pet. The dog with the most votes will be crowned "Winning Dog," and will appear in a Fido ad accompanied with a VIP photoshoot. Fancy, right? Last year's winner, a Brampton dog named Speedy was featured in a print ad released in February.

And a tip for all the groomers out there: think picture-perfect health. Eve MacArthur,owner of SPAW Boutique in Toronto says your dog's well-being should be apparent in the photos.

"Ideally, bringing your dog for grooming every five to seven weeks will help with overall health and well-being," she says. "But there is stuff you can do at home."

MacArthur suggests brushing hair, cutting nails (by someone who has experience) and watching for cloudy or goopy eyes as ways to ensure your dog's health is in top shape.

Last month, we ran our own pet-friendly Project Pet photo contest, searching for Canada's cutest pet. The results? Over 155 photos of adorable four-legged animals, from a house chicken and a horse.

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