08/09/2012 11:31 EDT | Updated 10/09/2012 05:12 EDT

Saskatchewan government helps find new jobs for laid-off Irish workers

SASKATOON - After bringing their families over from Ireland, 19 laid-off workers from the Vanscoy potash mine have found new jobs.

A controversy was sparked in July when the workers, who signed multi-year contracts to work at the mine, were laid off because of some unforeseen delays in construction.

The mine told them that they would be needed sometime in the future, but no time frame was given.

Alastair McFadden of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Economy says the provincial government stepped in and provided information sessions for the workers to assist them in re-employment and to facilitate access to new work permits.

McFadden says Monad Industrial was approved through the provincial and federal immigration processes when they chose to recruit the workers.

One other person that was laid off returned to Ireland to tend to a family matter.