08/10/2012 06:52 EDT | Updated 09/06/2012 05:41 EDT

Osheaga Citizen Style: A Trip Back To The 70s

Marc Young

Osheaga Music Festival over the years has become a breeding ground for fashionistas. Last weekend, at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal , people wanted to see the musical acts, but also to be seen. Each person's goal was to stand out and entice the various street style photographers and festival-goers.

If there was one decade that could be pinpointed at this year's Osheaga, it had to be the '70s. Key elements from that era were noted around Osheaga on tons of music lovers who were more than willing to shake their booties to some of the best musical talent on the planet.

High-waisted shorts

With sweltering heat for the three days, high-waisted vintage shorts were everywhere. Whether it was denim shorts or coloured pairs with '70s patterns, these shorts can be paired with any kind of top. Some coordinated theirs with a long sleeveless jackets with a bohemian vibe, and others wore sheer tops or sleeveless blouses with collars to achieve a schoolgirl look.

The maxi skirt

This is yet another summer for the long skirt. If you were not wearing one during the festival, there is still time to get one and start incorporating it into your wardrobe. The maxi will remain a trend throughout the fall. We saw it paired with swimsuit tops, crop tops, and bralettes. The maxi-skirt gives a distinguished look, and it can either be straight or asymmetrical (longer in back).

The palazzo pants

Along with the skirts and dresses, the baggy palazzo-style pants were also very popular this year. Some music fans opted for wide-legged trousers or an outright pair of palazzo pants. When they have a pattern, they have a very '70s vibe.

The flower crown

Although the flower crown is not for everyday, it is a totally original accessory for an event like Osheaga or when going to the beach. Girls who dared to wear the flower crown offered a romantic feel to their look: it was beautiful. However, the person who opts to wear the flowers must make a compromise with the rest of their outfit, so it doesn't seem too over the top and incorporate too many textures and patterns.

The western shirt

For both men and women, western-style outfits still a safe bet for a quick visit to Parc Jean-Drapeau. Belt buckle, embroidered shirt, pointed boots. Classic!

Here are some of the outfits from around Osheaga:

Osheaga Citizen Style