08/10/2012 04:31 EDT

Own A Dog For The Weekend -- And Get Paid For It: Attention Getter


Think of it like online dating for dog owners -- only one of the owners is heading away on some fabulous vacation, and the person at the other end is just eagerly awaiting a pet for the weekend.

That's the premise behind, a site that pairs up pet owners with would-be pet owners, giving pets a temporarily place to stay that is much homier than any kennel.

It's pretty much a win-win: Dog owners can browse through the listings of people willing to take in dogs, and hosts (who go through a screening process reviewed by staff at the company) get paid to keep them for the agreed-upon amount of time. The parties can also plan to meet beforehand to ensure everyone gets along and that accommodations are up to snuff.

Besides the money, considering the many benefits of owning a pet (like better grades, lowered blood cholesterol and a general sense of companionship), 'renting' a dog for a weekend or so could be the perfect solution for those uninclined to commitment.

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