08/10/2012 04:00 EDT | Updated 10/09/2012 05:12 EDT

Plenty of food options available for spectators at Olympic venues

LONDON - Forget fish and chips or bangers and mash.

There is some standard British grub available at the Olympic venues but spectators have a variety of other food options to choose from at the London Games. Organizers have made a point to offer a selection of choices in an effort to satisfy sports fans from around the world.

At ExCeL London, dishes like goat cheese and spinach quiche are on the menu along with Asian noodles and black bean sauce. Harry Lomas, the manager of catering, cleaning and waste at the sprawling venue, said about 50,000 people come through on competition days and he's only had a few complaints.

"It's been a real success," he said. "I think the eclectic mix of what we've got, it's been really good. The feedback has been really good."

Instead of the fast food that is so prevalent at most sporting venues, fresh options like salads, sandwiches and wraps are available here. Breakfast offerings like porridge, fresh fruit and yogurt can be purchased along with muffins, cookies and Danish pastries.

There are local favourites like pasties (a mixture of meat and vegetables wrapped in pastry) and baps (bread rolls) are for sale too. Potato fans can get their fix with baked spuds that come with toppings like baked beans, tuna mayo, roasted peppers and chili smoked salmon.

Spectators looking for a grease fix can sample a sausage baguette with carmelized onions. There is also a pulled pork sandwich option that comes with stuffing and apple sauce.

The food is certainly not on par with typical restaurant fare. But it is reasonably priced and a significant step up from the options available at recent Summer Games.

Dessert lovers can pick up flake cones, dairy milk sticks or orange and lemon ice squirts. Wine, beer and cider are available along with fairtrade teas and coffee.

London resident James Gilchrist said the food is much better than the hot dogs and hamburgers that are common at soccer grounds in the city. During a break in the wrestling action, he tucked into a container of sweet and sour chicken with rice.

"They give you quite a lot of it, which is good," he said. "Food quality-wise, seven out of 10 I'd say.

"I'm quite happy with it."