08/10/2012 12:39 EDT | Updated 08/13/2012 11:55 EDT

Working From Home: 12 Things You're Doing Besides Work


Wouldn't it be convenient to just roll out of bed and walk 30 seconds to your office desk every morning?

In a recent infographic by, at least 33 per cent of U.S. companies allow their employees to work from home on a regular basis. But as it turns out, most people are "working" on a lot more than just tackling that day's to-do list.

When we're clocking in from our couches, most of us are doing our chores, watching TV and even squeezing in a little nap, according to the report. If you thought construction noise outside your office building or workplace chatter was distracting, turns out most people are also sidetracked by their pets, kids and the magical world of the Internet while working from home.

In 2010, Canadians traded in their office chairs for comfy couches with at least 3.6 million of us working from home, according to a report from Statistics Canada. This number was seen as Canada's highest increase since 2008.

The report also found that 55 per cent of people working at home were in professional or management job roles, compared to only 23 per cent of people in higher-ranking positions who never worked from home.

The infographic also found that 48 per cent of respondents stayed home to complete unfinished work, 44 per cent wanted fewer distractions and 35 per cent thought working from home could create better work-life balance. And don't worry about wearing your freshly pressed powersuit -- most people work in their pjs, jeans and a small per cent even in their birthday suits.

Here are 6 other things we're doing while working from home and 6 of the biggest distractions:

12 Things You're Doing Besides Work

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Clocking in from the Couch
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Watch TV Or Movies:

43 per cent of us watch movies and TV while we work.

Household Chores:

35 per cent of us clean up while we work.

Make Dinner:

Hungry? 28 per cent of us are also prepping that night's dinner while we work.

Take A Nap:

At least 26 per cent of us somehow manage to squeeze in a little nap.

Drinking Booze:

About 24 per cent of us create our own happy hours during working hours.

Video Games:

How many of us are playing video games while we work? At least 20 per cent.

Distractions: Chores:

About 31 per cent of us are distracted by chores.

Distractions: TV

About 26 per cent of us are distracted by our televisions.

Distractions: Pets

Woof, woof! Our four-legged friends (and birds and fish) distract at least 23 per cent of us.


Thinking about paying bills or grocery shopping distracts about 19 per cent of us.

Distractions: Internet

At least 18 per cent of us are distracted by the wonders of the Internet.

Distractions: Kids

Yes, they need attention too. Kids distract at least 15 per cent of us.