08/11/2012 01:17 EDT | Updated 08/17/2012 05:06 EDT

Romney Ryan Movies: 50 Shades Of White And Other Twitter Jokes


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney named Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his vice presidential running mate on Saturday morning, calling him a man of "great steadiness" and "unquestioned integrity."

When introducing Ryan, Romney announced campaign promises for budget cuts, and, "to help create 12 million new jobs and to bring better take-home pay to middle class families."

But online, several Twitter users are humming a different tune. Tweeting under the hashtag "#romneyryanmovies," many expressed their disdain over Romney's appointment, re-working well-known movie titles to fire a sarcastic jab at the Republican duo.

A user who identifies as "Beavis H. Presley," or @snarkbox, started the trend, tweeting "Abandoning Private Ryan #RomneyRyanMovies" at 6:08 a.m. Some other notable entries? "To Kill a Medicare," "Risky Businessmen," "Dope Springs," "No Country for Old People," and, predictably, "50 Shades of White."

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, the tweets are good for a laugh.

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#RomneyRyanMovies: 50 Shades Of White