08/13/2012 07:24 EDT | Updated 09/06/2012 05:42 EDT

Citizen Style: Street Style From Montreal

Citizen Style

Montreal offers up a feast for the senses, including some of our home and native land's greatest and most famous culinary delights: The hangover-friendly poutine, the tastiest smoked meat around, and much of the world's maple syrup. This city knows how to indulge, and it doesn’t end with food.

For style-starved fashionistas, Montreal is the ultimate playground, with Plaza St Hubert offering original Quebec creations and wedding dresses, old Montreal showcasing trendy boutiques galore and the downtown market a one-stop shopping haven with local labels and designer stores alike. With its European flavour, Montreal is home to the fashionably aware who define Canadian chic.

We've touched base with fashion fiends who have a serious appetite for clothing to showcase their fabulous Montreal garb. Straight from Canada's fashion capital, we present to you Citizen Style, Montreal Edition. Salut!

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