08/13/2012 02:18 EDT | Updated 10/12/2012 05:12 EDT

The Olympics of the weird, wacky

All things considered, the London Games went off rather smoothly.

There was nothing as serious as a detonated bomb like in Atlanta despite the worries of a terrorist attempt, and with respect to the Games themselves there was nothing as ludicrous as was seen eight years ago in Athens, where some of the home country's athletes set a speed record in sprinting away from drug testers.

But every Olympic competition has its share of puzzlers and absurd moments.

Unless you've been vacationing without a television the past two weeks, you've probably heard about the misguided badminton playoff format that compelled eight competitors to tank their matches in hopes of gaining a favourable draw down the line.

Here's s a look at some of the other weird and wacky moments from the Games, in no particular order:

Silver lining for South Korean

Shin A-Lam staged a memorable, teary sit-in for over an hour after a loss in the individual épée competition. She was protesting deficient timekeeping in a match against Britta Heidemann of Germany, who scored the decisive point after judges put a second back on the clock. South Korea claimed the match should have been over. Were Shin to leave the pisté, it would have signalled an acceptance of the official result.

Her team would protest the call, allowing her to finally depart in front of over 7,000, but the protest failed.

Less than a week later, she was part of a silver medal winning effort in the team competition.

Bouncing Borat

Viachaslau Modzel of Belarus finished just 12th out of 16 in men's trampoline qualification, but he left his mark at North Greenwich Arena and on Twitter, where he trended during the competition.

Modzel is listed at just 25, but with a receding hairline, five o'clock shadow and generous mustache appeared at least a decade older. In contrast to many a male Olympic competitor, who sport smooth torsos, Modzel was rather hirsute below the neck as well.

Meanwhile, his middle-aged coach had a, shall we say, unnatural hairstyle that resembled Captain Kangaroo. Quite a pair they made.

Tweeting outside the lines

It wasn't just the specimen collector athletes had to pay mind to in London. Twitter existed at the Beijing Games, but the growth and stickiness of messages sent wasn't anything like it is now.

Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou was tossed for comments about Africans, while defender Michel Morganella lashed out in racially tinged fashion with respect to South Koreans, who had defeated his Swiss soccer team. He also paid the price of expulsion.

British diving heartthrob Tom Daley, meanwhile, found himself on the receiving end of an unspeakably insensitive tweet from some prat concerning Daley's late father. The offending teen was charged with malicious communications.

Letting off a little, OK, a lot of steam, Belgian cyclist Gijs Van Hoecke didn't make it to the closing ceremony. He was sent home early after being snapped completely sotted in post-pubbing pictures that made their way onto the internet.

Putting the b ... never mind

Strange things were afoot in the men's basketball competition for awhile. Or a-belt, more accurately.

Argentina guard Facundo Campazzo hit Carmelo Anthony in the groin while the American was shooting a 3-pointer. The Argentine said it was in part a reaction to getting hit in the face earlier in the game by Chris Paul of the U.S.

Nicolas Batum of France didn't even really give an excuse later in the week for an even worse below-the-belt offence on Juan Carlos Navarro of Spain. Batum essentially admitted to a reporter that it was a direct retaliation for a perceived embellishment earlier by a Spanish player.

What a difference a week makes

Sprinter Kim Collins carried the flag in the opening ceremony for Saint Kitts and Nevis. Collins over the course of a decade had put the small nation on the map, athletically speaking, by amassing five medals at world championships.

But when it came time for the 100 metre competition to begin, there was an empty lane where Collins should have been getting ready in the block. The 36-year-old said he was expelled for staying with his wife away from the athlete lodging. The country's committee said Collins failed to show for practises and was incommunicado.

All in the family

New Zealand kayaker Mike Dawson was able to overcome a two-second penalty when he touched the fifth gate in quarter-final kayak slalom competition. The penalty was doled out by his mom Kay, a judge. He was able to advance despite the call. Dawson's coach was his dad, Les.

Meanwhile, 2004 gold medal swimmer Laure Manaudou ran to her brother Florent after he won the men's 50-meter freestyle swimming and wrapped her arms around his neck. The two attractive siblings were locked in a lengthy embrace that was a tad French by uptight North American standards. More than one on Twitter recalled Angelina Jolie passionately sharing her Oscar win some years back with her brother.

World's Stupidest Man?

The atmosphere in Olympic Stadium and around the world was electric on Aug. 5 as arguably the deepest 100-metre field ever assembled to settle the question of who was the World's Fastest Man.

Some yob in the stands jumped the starter's gun, throwing a bottle in the direction of the compromised sprinters. Reports focused on eventual winner Usain Bolt as the target but it was more accurate to say it landed near his Jamaican countryman Yohan Blake, who would win silver.

The offender was tackled by Dutchwoman Edith Bosch, a member of the Netherlands judo team. He was revealed to be a 34-year-old married father of two, who was wearing a t-shirt that seemed to indicate a fondness for drinking. Shocker.

Silver scowl heard 'round the world

Heavy favourite McKayla Maroney of the U.S. frittered away the gold in the vault competition, landing on her posterior in the gymnastics competition. While on the podium, Maroney wore a scrunched-up expression on the podium.

In doing so, she unintenionally launched an internet meme. People got createive by Photoshoppinig Maroney's sour face into sundry historical moments of renown.

The teen showed she had a sense of humour, tweeting her own scowl spoof with two of her teammates.