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Melanie Fiona, Canadian Songstress, Wins Canada's Walk Of Fame's Allan Slaight Award

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She's gone on to win Grammys and a Juno and now Melanie Fiona can add one more award to her list: Canada's Walk Of Fame's Allan Slaight Award.

"This award is a true honour and I am so appreciative to Canada's Walk of Fame and The Slaight Family Foundation for this opportunity. Everywhere I travel I hold Canada on my sleeve and in my heart. I am grateful to be acknowledged in my country," said the Toronto native on Thursday after she was announced the recipient of award.

The award is handed to young Canadians for their positive impact in the fields of music, film, literature, performance or visual arts as well as innovation or philanthropy and also features a $10, 000 honorarium. Fiona, who won Grammys in February of 2012 for best traditional R&B performance and best Best R&B song, joins previous winners, jazz-pop singer songwriter Nikki Yanofsky and rapper Drake.

"Melanie Fiona has shown exemplary talent, commitment and passion for music. Her recent success, perseverance and rise to the top is an inspiration for our youth to follow, and we are pleased to recognize her as a young Canadian making a remarkable impact," said Peter Soumalias, President and Founding Director, Canada's Walk of Fame.

Fiona's musical career kicked off at the age of 16 when she started recording writing music. Since then the Toronto R&B artist has gone to star in two albums: 2009's The Bridge and her latest album, The MF Life.

The album hit at #1 on the Billboard Hip Hop & R&B Chart, with reviewers singing high praises for Fiona's voice, hoping the Canadian songstress would be able to "fill in the void of recent departures like Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse," according to Billboard Magazine.

And it seems there's still plenty more accolades to come for Fiona according to Gary Slaight, the son of the late Allan Slaight whom the award was named after.

"Fiona's powerful voice and sheer talent guarantee her a promising future and we are thrilled to acknowledge her this year. Clearly the sky is the limit for her," said Slaight.

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