08/14/2012 05:30 EDT | Updated 08/16/2012 07:14 EDT

Sh*t Alberta Premiers Say: Redford, Klein, Stelmach, Lougheed Spell Off Some Notable Quotes


Albertans pride themselves on being straight-shooters -- why beat around the bush when you can cut to the chase? And, if you're a politician, the added bonus is that all your no-nonsense real talk can score you big headlines -- and sometimes, cement your place in infamy.

Current premier Alison Redford stepped out of her oral safety zone Tuesday with her pointed jab at B.C. premier Christy Clark. But Redford's remark on Clark's pipeline motives pale in comparison to past Alberta premiers (Hello, Ralph Klein!).

Whether it's Ed Stelmach's thoughts on being a good neighbour, Peter Lougheed's surprising stance on the pipeline, or Ralph Klein's take on pretty much anything, there's gold to be had in this province, and it comes straight from our dear leaders' mouths.

Without further ado: Sh*t Alberta premiers say:

Sh*t Alberta Premiers Say