08/14/2012 10:01 EDT | Updated 08/16/2012 07:04 EDT

Wayne Aucoin Charged For Allegedly Texting While Riding Motorbike, Trying To Flea


EDMONTON - Alberta's distracted driving legislation has nabbed a two-wheeled texter.

Edmonton police say they've charged a motorcyclist with numerous offences after they caught him sending a text message on a cellphone.

Officers signalled the driver to pull over, but he instead sped away and hit an oncoming vehicle.

The motorcyclist fled on foot, but was eventually arrested nearby.

Wayne Aucoin, 43, of Edmonton is charged with criminal flight, criminal hit and run, disqualified driving, texting while driving and numerous other provincial traffic offences.

The province's distracted driving legislation is almost one year old.

“Our officers have seen some pretty ridiculous things from motorists, including people trying to read while driving, a person using their knees to steer a vehicle while eating a bowl of cereal and now this,” said Staff Sgt. Barry Maron.